Investment Management

Sitka Pacific provides asset management focused on delivering an absolute return that is independent of the markets over time. We believe it is crucial for every investor to have a portion of their assets dedicated to an actively managed absolute return strategy as part of their overall portfolio, as it can provide stability and diversification when it is needed most.

Our approach is inherently forward looking, value based, and aligned with prevailing long-term macro trends. Our primary goal is to preserve and prudently grow your assets over the long term by looking across global asset classes for attractive absolute values.  If you would like to receive an email when we post our current thoughts on the markets, visit Recent Client Letters to register.

For a brief explanation of the goals of absolute return investing, read our short primer:

The Benefits of Being Absolutely Different

To see how our Absolute Return approach effectively balances risk asset exposure within a diversified portfolio, this article is a place to start:

On Resiliency, and a Solution to the 60/40 Dilemma


If you would like learn more about opening a separately managed account, or to schedule a review of your portfolio, visit Getting Started. Investment management is available to accredited and non-accredited investors.


Investment Advisors and Wealth Managers

If you are interested in adding our absolute return SMA strategy to the investment options available to your clients, contact us for more information.  Sitka Pacific is listed in the Informa PSN database.

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