Selection of Recent Client Letters

A selection of recent letters to our clients are linked below.

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To see how our Absolute Return approach effectively reduces volatility and risk within a diversified portfolio, read our brief article on resiliency in light of ultra-low bond yields:

On Resiliency, and a Solution to the 60/40 Dilemma


October 2021 Client Letter

  • The Policy Repercussions of the Third Great Mistake Are Slowly Becoming More Apparent
  • The Trifecta That Will Impact a Generation of Investors and Advisors

September 2021 Client Letter

  • Investing in Undervalued Markets Amid a Monetary Bubble
  • As the Fed Considers Tapering, the Phase Shift in the Bond Market Is Clear

July/August 2021 Client Letter

  • A Look at Prospective Market Returns Amid a New Era of Negative Real Rates
  • Allocating as the Fed and Other Central Banks Begin to Tolerate Higher Inflation

June 2021 Client Letter

  • Feeling Cold Feet, the Fed Releases a Tapering Trial Balloon
  • An Update on the U.S. Equity Market, in Two Remarkable Charts

March 2021 Client Letter

  • Shiller’s ECY Makes Relative Sense, but the Market’s Absolute Return May Be Another Story
  • The Federal Reserve Is No Longer Acting on Expectations and Assumptions

2021 Annual Client Letter

  • How an Inflationary Long-Term Bear Market Swindled Equity Investors
  • This Era May Come to Be Remembered as the Federal Reserve’s Third Great Mistake
  • A Summary of Our Market Outlook
  • In the Years Ahead, Real Returns May Be Confined to Unconventional Portfolios

October 2020 Client Letter

  • Sentiment Surrounding Debt Crossed a Major Threshold This Year
  • Two Years into the Reversion, and It Has Hardly Begun

2020 Annual Client Letter

  • From the End of Monetary Restraint to Trillion-Dollar Deficits
  • Mission Creep Toward an Old Normal: MMT and “Symmetric” Monetary Policy
  • A Summary of Our Market Outlook in 2020
  • It’s Time to Be Invested in Assets Outside the Dollar


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