Selection of Recent Client Letters

A handful of recent letters to our clients are linked below.

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July/August 2020 Client Letter

  • Gold Walks Through Its 2011 Peak as Awareness Grows and Real Rates Sink
  • The Real Outlook for the Typical 60/40 Portfolio of Stocks and Bonds

June 2020 Client Letter

  • Early Signs Suggest the Monetary Earthquake of 2020 is Unlike Any Other in the Post-War Era
  • The U.S. Equity Market Now Stands Alone in Overvaluation

May 2020 Client Letter

  • A Decade into Deleveraging, It Feels Like Another Treasury–Fed Agreement Is Now in Place
  • Warren Buffett Senses Something He Doesn’t Like

April 2020 Client Letter

  • Unlike Wars, Pandemics Depress Economic Activity and Interest Rates
  • A Year After the Crash of 1929, the Market Didn’t Look So Bad

March 2020 Client Letter

  • An Avalanche into a Whole New Monetary Paradigm
  • After Laying Low for Two Years, a Long-Term Devaluation Is Exposed by a Virus

February 2020 Client Letter

  • The Yield Curve Re-Inverts, and the Fed Is Suddenly Dramatically Behind the Curve
  • A Few Words on Market Volatility and Precious Metals

2020 Annual Client Letter

  • From the End of Monetary Restraint to Trillion-Dollar Deficits
  • Mission Creep Toward an Old Normal: MMT and “Symmetric” Monetary Policy
  • A Summary of Our Market Outlook in 2020
  • It’s Time to Be Invested in Assets Outside the Dollar

2019 Annual Client Letter

  • The 1965 Pivot, and a Rhyme of History
  • We May Already Have Entered a Post-Bubble Market Environment
  • A Summary of Our Market Outlook


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