Investment Management

We provide asset management focused on absolute returns to protect and grow your assets over time.  We work with individuals directly and also through primary advisors/wealth managers via sub-advisory agreements. Please contact us for more information.

We manage separately managed accounts for our clients with full transparency and daily liquidity.


Investment Management

Our approach is intended to preserve and prudently grow your assets over the long term by looking across global asset classes for attractive allocations, while using cash as a strategic asset.  Our goal is to provide an absolute return with actively managed exposure to:

  • Domestic equity and bond markets
  • Global equity and bond markets
  • Precious metals and commodities
  • Currencies
  • Hedging strategies


Account Management

Each of our clients have their own separately managed account with their own secure username and password. They can login anytime to print out statements, request withdrawals or make deposits, and check current investments and performance. This level of transparency is uncommon among active managers, but we prefer our clients to be fully aware of how their money is invested at all times.  The minimum initial investment for a new account is $100,000.

To schedule a consultation and find out more about opening a managed account, visit our Getting Started Page, and we'll get the conversation going.